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Giveaway Crypts Tonight (Friday) Only

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Hey guys,

I get a fair bit out of this forum so I decided I would give something back instead of composting them.

I have up for grabs a decent number of *free* cryptocoryne plants, of unknown species. I have grown tired of them in my tanks because they're frequently proliferating, so I have decided someone else can have them and hopefully pay it forward to someone else some day.

Only conditions are:

- you pick them up tonight, preferably before 8pm as I have work tomorrow. (pick-up is from Bracken Ridge on the North Side)

- you give them a quick H2O2 dip before you put them in your tank because they DO have algae on them

They're pretty healthy plants, the majority were grown under high light and CO2, not that it matters. They have melted a couple of times, but crypts always spring back once they're established.

Finally, the only thing I ask in return is if you have any cool mosses then maybe swing me a portion? But this is not a requirement, I am just always chasing mosses!

First in first served, post in here and PM me for my mobile.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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