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Growing brine shrimp to adults (attempt 1)

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So last year I saw a few guys growing there b/s to full adults ,and with the wether warming up I thort I'd get a head start this year and try it my self .

From what utube has shown me :) all you need is ...




And air to keep water moving

I used a 200l blue drum (clean)

and started to fill it with used fish tank water



After it was almost full I needed to add salt and enough to get the salinity right ,trying to match what I hatch my b/s in ,


after putting all that salt in I tested it

lol. Not even close hahaha


Ok more salt I used x4 the green jug and got it close


Got it !!!


Now just add the new hatched shrimp tomorrow :)........( if your wondering why there are chicken eggs next to my b/s hatchery that because a chook has taken a liking to laying her eggs on my work bench )


as this is my first time doing this any tips or input would be great


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Cool cool, wat u feed tem, how long they live? Do they loose the goodness as they grow, been told they do not sure how true.

I was told to feed a small amount of sprilina flake .don't no how long thay live. And no idea on goodness .. :)

Not much help but it's new to me ..

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Yeah your on the right track. you can make a food out of spiralina powder, not flakes, and yeast. Mix them well in a bottle and shake to suspend all the stuff. Add about a cup full worth. Also when I did mine in a bucket I added a tea spoon of an organic liquid fertiliser to try and get a natural bloom of algae. If it has a few hours of sun it should bloom. I had a continual supply of adults and they did readily breed. As for nutrition, if you feed them the algae and yeast suspension the day you want to harvest they should be full of good nutrition.

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I'm not growing BBS to adult but i'm feeding the BBS hikari first bites and have used sera micron (spirulina powder) before to.

Apparently brine shrimp feed through their legs.

Good luck with your project.

I'm also using some African cichlid water and just table salt to hatch them

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Bit of a update

Iv been throwing my leftover bbs in to the drum for a while now and been seeing lots of movement going on


Winner !!!


Hard to get a good shot but that just don't stop moving


Got a great vid of fry smashing them like thay hadn't eaten in weeks :) just don't no how to load a video :(

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Good ol sea monkeys :)

To load a vid, hit the icon second from the right of the icon bar. Looks like a film strip. Copy the url from your clip and paste into the pop-up. just the same as you would for loading a pic using the pic icon (*Third from the right*).

* that's not meant to be a punn at germans, German ie. third from the right / third riech lol pure coinicidence , I couldn't have made it if I tried

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Get another Blue drum and get an algae culture going. Easy to buy concentrated phyto cultures online. Nannocloropsis oculata good for Artemia and cheap and easy to culture. Not a fan of feeding yeast and prepared algae mixes too many issues with fungal mycosis and other nasties.

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The adult brine are nutrient poor by themselves, mysis are more nutritious. You have to gutload them b4 you feed to fish. The newly hatched are the most nutritious they'll ever be. It's easier to gutload in a smaller tank where you can ad algae cultures or other specific foods, waiting an hour or so before catching them and feeding to size. You can get gradeing sieves off eBay.

They are attracted to light, so stop filtration for movement and then ad a spot light area to the water surface and the shrimp will be attracted to that. A lot easier to do in a tank, so this is where the gradient seives would be more useful.

When I do my shrimp cultures, I have a tank on the front veranda which is green. Wait for atleast a few hours after sun rise to collect water as the algae rise and fall over night and day, so the longer into the day the richer the algae will be.. I use a glass cup or 2 to take some of the water,then I leave it overnight. The algae falls to the bottom of the glass (dies?) Where you can easily collect with one of those plastic squeeze bulb pippettes and feed to the shrimp. Some certain fish fry can be fed with this algae too.

Useing only that algae method I raise many generations and they are self replicating for months at a time easily. Just keep an eye on salt levels.

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Hey mate. I have a question, I have read other places that indicate you need to conduct regular water changes for the brine shrimp, is this how you do it? or do you run a filter? or just keep the water oxygenated? from reading this thread it appears quite simple, bucket of salted water, add the hatched brine shrimp, keep oxygenated and feed with algae or other suitable foods..... is this correct? and they just self replenish for a period of time?

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Usually the frequent water changes are due to the density of shrimp and lack of water volume to dilute waste.

Also the high death rate produces a lot of ammonia.

Having them in larger barrels with some sunlight works well as algae takes up a lot of nutrients and prevents heavy spikes.

but in drama

as always

water changes solve almost anything

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i have been trying to do this myself. I seen a few videos on youtube and it looked simple enough. Only problem is i can't even get the eggs to hatch. I get a few but not like i see on the net. Even if i leave them for 4 days it doesn't work. Is it possible to get bad eggs? Or am i just useless lol.

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