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1st tank in the house

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well after having lots of tanks in the garage for a while ive finally put one in the house. its a 5*2*2.5 that i picked up last weekend alone with a 8*2*2.5 thats still emptly

so far fairly bare

stock atm is

38 ob peacocks

43 electric blues

25 flamebacks

30 crimson tides

47 eureka red peacocks

6 electric yellows

and a few bristle nose.

may add a pair of dhonti later on.






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yea i thought it was about time theres only 45 odd in the garage... though about getting the 8 foota in but needed alot more man power to get the thru the narrow door.

sparhawkleo ur doing ok, 8 tanks in a townhouse.. sounds like you need a bigger house lol.



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