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Rare Apistogramma - one for the apistofiles

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Hey guys,

I visited Fishchicks today and spotted a pair of rare Apistogramma species in store. Looks like 2 males and 1 female. There is the possibility a second female in the tank, but there was a lot of dense plants and pots for it to hide amongst. There was no name or price on the tank, and Jodi-Lea wasn't in the store for me to ask which species it is, and the store assistant was busy with other customers so I didn't ask.

If I had to guess, I believe they may be Apistogramma sp. "Vielfleck". If any one else knows what they are, I'm happy to be corrected.

My experience is that many Apistogramma do not show their best colours in a LFS, but if kept in the right conditions at home, really colour up. And the usual conditions apply as per most wild caught dwarf cichlids, they need to be kept in soft, acidic water. Brisbane water is hard and alkaline.







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Looks like ill be making a trip down when I get home.

What other apistos did she have, any mendezi?

I didn't look at all the apistos and dwarf cichlids, but I did see agassizii ("Netz", Alenquer), panduro, baenschi, Dicrossus maculatus and lots of electric blue rams. Oh and some wild Discus.

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