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Ok so I got home and all my fish are gasping at the top of the tank like there is no air... Thing is the air stone along the back of the tank is working absolutely fine! I also noticed that they hadn't eaten any of their food, it's was still all there from this morning =/ (I was in a hurry so I chucked it in and ran, didn't stop and check they were actually eating it) Got the test kit out and tested everything and it's all completely normal... So I did a 1/3 water change to see if it would help at all and no change what so ever, infact they're still going down hill!

Anyong have any ideas?! I'm desperate!!!


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Chuck in another air stone and powerhead or internal filter to get some more water movment?? thats all i can think of?? Check your heater also,

Checked heater, it's all good and it's a 2 foot flexi air stone across the back of the 3 foot tank so they've got plenty of air but thanks for the suggestion! I'll try chucking an internal in there for more flow and see if it helps!

Hi Steph

What tests did you do as it could

be ammonia spike or nitrites

Cheers Butch

I checked pH, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, GH & KH.. All fine =/

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Sounds like a toxin of some kind, anything new in the tank?

anyone sprayed around the tank

how old is your test kits?

Can you move the fish to another tank, or add cycled water to the current tank, ie 100% water change with cycle water.

How do their gills look, pink or red, gill flukes?

What sort of fish are they?

what are the parameters, temp, ph, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite etc...

It doesn,t sound good, good luck

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