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Im new to the forum and excited to have found it. Can't wait to ask local people about aquariums.

I am looking for some advice on upgrading my tank set up. Currently got a basic 3 foot tank with a little in-tank filter and heater. I have a 15cm rivulatus, 2 x 15cm silver sharks, 2 x 10cm silver dollars, 5cm pleco and a blue claw crayfish.

I want to upgrade to at least a 5ft tank, get a few more fish, obviously keep the ones I have and buy all new equipment.

Any advice would be appreciated especially on what other fish would go well with the ones I have? And what sort of equipment you would recommend for a tank that size?



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Yeah I have set up a few little caves that the crayfish goes between. He has moulted a few times already, I notice that afterward he will pick at the shell once he has shed it, does it contain good nutrients for it or should I remove it from the tank as soon as it is shed?

Here are a few pics of my current tank and fish.




Also my girlfriend wants to get a small turtle. Is there any problem with having a turtle in same tank as fish, or does it depend on the fish?



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Hi and welcome mate,

I would leave the molt in there he/she will defiantly eat it the shell contains alot of nutrients. As for the turtle I personally wouldn't risk the little fella with the cray or the riv but at the end of the day it's up to you. I suppose it depends on the size of the turtle you are looking at getting.

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