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HELP MOVE - 21st sept 3pm saturday - marsden to daisy hill

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A few guys are designated to meet and help at Mike's end as they are closer. The rest will just meet at homebase (Daisy Hill) around 330pm ETA of the tank.

Plan for Saturday 21/09/13

Assembly time: 3.00-3.15pm

Mike's Place:

Committed muscles in Mike's side: 6 (Just lifting stand to truck)

Travel Time to Daisy Hill 15-20mins, depending on traffic

Home: Daisy Hill (ETA 3.30pm)

Action Time (take Monster in and take 8ftr out): 3.30-4.00pm

Committed muscles home side: 19 + awaiting confirmation

Beer and Pizza 4.00-5.00pm

If you have not received a pm with the complete details, pls let me know.

With mike doing a fast phase on rebuilding the tank, we will need help to move it from marsden to daisy hill on saturday 21st september. The tank will still have the wheels so we will just roll it. Hard part which we will need lots of hands is loading, unloading and entering the house. There will be pizza and beer for the day and this will be an opportunity to see mike's details and craftmanship.

Appreciate in advance the help.

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We have been rolling the tank in mikes place like on skateboard. Im more worried on my place as its sloping - more hands the better.

But if you back up the hill to your garage, just make sure you use a flat bed and not a Pantech and all should be good, so stop worrying lol

That bit should be good, u guys have moved it before so you would know how many ppl, guessing about 1 person every 2 ft would be awesome..... that's lotsa pizza lol

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Still need more hands. The challenge will be on my place as the house is on a hill and house door is a tight squeeze. We will need to navigate around the house. We will be using the wheels on the stand to ease the move a bit.

Likely the tank will be on site around 315-330pm. If you are available, ill appreciate the favour.

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