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EOI 6 foot steel stands,

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hey all,

due to some rearranging of my fish shed I need to loose a few stands to make way for new Three tier Jobbies.


I am considering selling both stands in this pic,

The one on the left is made from dura-gal, beams are 75 x 50 3mm, legs are 50 x 50 3mm, there are bolts in the feet so it is fully adjustable for level, each tier has 16mm mdf boards

The stand is currently painted in black gloss killrust.

Stand holds two 6x2x2 tanks as in pic

On the right is made from painted steel, top is 50 x 50, 2mm , legs and bottom shelf are 40 x 40 2 mm, again bolts in feet, to adjust for level. There are also two pine draws for all your fish crap..

The stand is currently painted in black gloss killrust.

Stand currently holds a 6x2x2 on top and two 3 x 15 x 15 on bottom

Would be Pick up in Rockhampton, they are very heavy, and steel is not cheep..

Not sure when they will be ready, I need to build my new stands first, but hopefully within a month or so.


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Need to sus out replacement value, but each foot bolt is around $15!, I can cut them up for steel, and just reweld, but its almost easier to start again..

As a guess, $300 for the one on the left and 200 for the one on the right, once you consider all costs.. As i said it will be maybe a few months, just seeing if I could sell them , instead of cutting them up..

EDIT: Sussed out the bolts I can get them for $7 each if i get mild steel gal, so thats a win, Grade 8 high tensile bolts were a tad over kill lol.


There is a tentative offer for both stands...

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ok These stands are still for sale, i have 350kg of steel arriving for their replacement so they will need to go in about 3 weeks..

Price is $200 each, each stand is painted black, had adjustable feet, is way over engineered, and will outlast you. the the boards are included.

Those are not wooden flaps, they are huge draws, to store your fishy stuff....

Pick up in Rockhampton, bring a mate, they are a tad on the heavy side.

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Ok these stands are ready to go NOW...

I need them gone, price drop to $150 each! below the cost of materials!

I also have a steel stand that will hold up to three 4x18x18 tanks, adjustable feet $100, ready to go...

If these don,t sell I will just cut them up for my next project, or just use them for racking to store garden stuff on..

Advertising else were also.

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