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My african cichlid 2 foot cube

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Ok, I thought the time has come to post up pictures of my 2 foot cube aquarium for a critique, I would appreciate opinions from you guys, good or bad as this is my first attempt of keeping Africans, I have kept everything else from marine to goldfish to oscars and everything in between.

Anyway, the tank is a 650s aqua one cube with black sand substrate and egg crate underneath, heaps of Texas holey rock for a reef look.

It's being filtered with an FX5 canister filled with matrix, marine pure and macropore, also the top is being skimmed via a tunze comline filter filled with wool and macropore.

A 150w jäger heater keeps the water at a constant 26 degrees and an aqualina led light replaces the 4 x 18 inch flouro lighting the tank originally came with.

There's a fair mixture of cichlids in the tank, probably around 22, plus there's a pleco hiding in there aswell

This tank has been running for 6 months like you see it with no problems[ATTACH=CONFIG]38910[/ATTACH]

I think that pretty much sums up the tank, so any suggestions or opinions are appreciated

Hopefully the photos work

Thanks very much






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Thanks Donny, much appreciated

The tank is great at the moment, the size of the fish when they mature will help me convince my wife that I need a bigger tank, I had a 8 footer but sold it, she said no more, I say more more more haha

I have a 620t as well that I am probably going to setup a similar way but use pure crushed coral sand and lava rock with a blue backing, I'm hooked on Africans, I never thought I would have them, now I do I want more

I will come down to see you Donny when I need the lava rock ( when I'm allowed to have the lave rock) haha

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Well as you can see it came up a treat, I have a few friends that keep fish and all love this tank, I love this tank, all I did was gut the fluoros and kept the lid piece in tact and put LEDs in.

I had my old man have a look at repairing the original flouros but they were past it

You kept this tank is great condition Edwin, hardly a mark on it, I have read about the tank you picked up, one word, MASSIVE

Best of luck with it

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