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New to aquariums and the forum

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Hi everyone,

So I got my first big fish tank about 2 months ago. I visited my LFS and let them know what I had and we talked about the kind of fish I wanted to keep and with that in mind chose the substrate. With that in I filled up the 240L adding the prime and stabilizer. I followed all directions (about testing and adding the stabilizer) and cycled the tank for almost 6 weeks before the LFS and I were really happy with the water.

So finally I could add fish. I got some decorations and plastic plants to make her look pretty and with help from my LFS chose my African Cichlids. I put in 3 yellow labs and 2 others (which I cant remember the name of). So everything went in on Saturday and they all looked great, however on Sunday all the fish seemed to be gasping....maybe not enough oxygen. I raced off to the LFS and got an air pump and an air curtain and stone. by that afternoon they were all happy again.

I did my first 30% water change this morning. I made the water just a little bit warmer than the tank 28c (the tank has stayed at that temp from the 27c it was). Everything looks good and the water parameters also are good however the fish don't look really happy. Maybe the water is too warm. Not sure...or maybe I'm panicking. but they seem really shy and timid...more so when they were first put in. They don't tend to come up when I am feeling them, they wait till the food is on the bottom and then come out eat it.

Anyway probably concerned over nothing but will keep an eye on everything.


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Ok so I turned the heater down 1/2 a degree, I don't want to shock them by a sudden change in temp. so I'll turn it back slowly.

Today the tank has gone a little bit cloudy, not much but just isn't as crystal clear as it was...however all the fish have come out to play. I tested the water parameters and am getting the perfect results. I will do another 30% water change in the morning.

I have two lombardoi, one is very placid the other quite aggressive. the aggressive one is picking on the smaller one making him stay out of the plants and hidey holes. he chases him up to the top of the tank, but he leaves the yellow labs alone. Is there anything I can do to help this situation? Someone told me it would improve when more fish were added to the tank its just so much space for the large one to get territorial over.....I am a bit worried though....

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