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Stocking Question

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Hello there,

I wanted to get some panda corys for my tank but a bit hesitant due to having quite a lot of fish already.

I have a 100GAL/360L, 5ft x 1.5ft x 1.8ft tank (LxWxH). Low tech plants (java fern, amazon swords, long thin ones), drift wood and some lava rock so there's plenty of hiding places. Sand substrate.

What I have in there at the moment include:

10 x Clown loaches (juvies about 2-4")

5 x Sterbai corys (3 juvies and 2 adults)

12 x Rummynose tetras

10 x Black Phantom tetras

5 x Serpae tetras

4 x Oto's

Filtration is via an Aquis 1200m, Aquanic 1000 and an internal Otto PF1000.

Everyone is doing well but I was wondering if I have the capacity to add maybe either 5 more sterbai corys or panda corys? I enjoy watching corys play but think they would be a lot more active if there was a bigger school for them of the same or similar breed.

I have another Aquis 1200 currently on a smaller guppy tank that I will probably move onto the big one soon.


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