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large fish system.inc. 2000l + 2x1000l fibreglass tanks+sump etc.+ 4 pbass+ catfish

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Hi all, regretfully selling my system setup for large fish keeping. It includes:

3 extremely light and practical tanks easy to move,

1x 2000 litre fibreglass tank plumbed with 50mm drain and tap

2 x 1000l litre fibreglass tank light as a feather so easy to move

1x 3 - 400 litre plastic sump with moving bed filtration (30 Litres k1 media) and trickle filter with 1000 small bio balls

2 x jager heaters 300w

1 x 4 ft glass aquarium divided and drilled in 2

1 x v30 hailea air pump

4x peacock bass mono 20cm +

1 x syndontis decorus 25cm+

1 x sailfin pleco 25cm

3x mature l397 (dwarf tiger panaque) 10cm 2m 1 fm

10 x albino bnose 4-9cm

3x ebjd 5cm

1x 2ft tank drilled

1x 190l fibreglass fry tank

Would prefer not to split up but will for the right price.

Asking $2000 ono

If interested or you want some pictures please txt msg my phone as i have poor internet.

0458 276 836. JACOBS WELL

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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