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java moss covered driftwood and more

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I have a big bag of java moss $10

a big bag of thin val $10

also the piece of driftwood covered in java moss in the video below $30

and the 3ft round hollow driftwood also for sale $50 dont the peps just love that

all out of the tank below and guaranteed snail free

pm me

bags of val and moss still here $10 each

all driftwood gone

thanks to buyers and nice to meet you

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tell you what, i apologize again, for being lazy this time, i suppose thats the main reason.

Send me a prepaid and ill send you a heap of fresh stuff.

Really didnt mean to offend anyone

very fresh yum makes me want to eat it.... Jokes

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Posted last Wednesday morning before 7am from the city post office, you received them when? 6 days later? City to Wellington point you would think overnight.

It was all green and fresh when packed, was the package left in the sun?, looks like they got hot to me.

This is why in my original post right at the top it says - "SHIPPING: No (pick up only)"

I understand your dissatisfaction [MENTION=6790]Super[/MENTION] Im sorry you wasted your $10, Im surprised I was willing to help you after the attitude I copped from you but I still did (ignoring advice from others)

note to self - wont be doing that again

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Wow, sorry to hear about your bad experience rainbowrunner. I've had difficulty dealing with super as well - was selling snails at 50c each and he wouldn't accept that I didn't want to sell less than $10 worth at a time, then talked me in to taking $5 worth into work for the whole day and never bothered to show up to grab them. I would never sell (or give) to him again after seeing this experience here.

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