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Leaves turning yellow and brown

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Hey, I have what I believe is a Chain Sword in my nano tank of which lately the leaves have been turning Yellow and then Brown then finally have holes in them and some are going transparent

I read this is a deficiency in iron, however I am trying to work out best way to remedy this. I have also seen this can happen with new plants as parts of the plant may not have been submerged.

I fertilise once a week with my water changes. In a 25L tank should I be fertilising more often? I have no CO2 injection

My filter has Carbon in it (aquaclear 20) could this be taking the fertiliser out of the tank?

Any are there any consequences to the fish (Lampeyes and Mystery Snail) if i were to add more Iron?

Should i also be cutting this plant back and removing all of the leaves with the brown tips/yellow leaves etc?

Light is a 3.5W 6500K LED from Aquatopia, left on for 8 Hours a day.

My other plants, Val and the likes appear to be going alright, but I would say arent 100% healthy.

Any ideas would be great!



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It looks like the bigger chain sword, and all the leaves I can see going yellow, need to go yellow and fall off. The reason is that chain sword is sold with emersed growth (out of water)

The new growth from down the bottom is going to be completely different as you can see at the bottom. (long tapered leaves rather than stems with rounded leaves).

I like daydreams idea of root tabs for ferts for this plant. I do suggest that you need to keep ferts, CO2 and light in balance, so upping one without upping all can produce more problems that solutions. I would suggest DIY CO2 (soda bottle, water, cup of sugar, yeast)


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So i have introduced C02 to the tank in the form of an diposable CO2 can through a diffuser and have just purchased a pressurised CO2 that I am waiting on, and the chain sword appears to grow as it has sent off around 8 runners which were promising signs, however these young plants were green and now starting to show signs of yellowing and deteriorating.

I fertilise once a week with 2.5mL of EasyLife ProFito 24 hours after a water change - which is the dosage recommended. 10ml per 100L

As mentioned the light is 3.5W LED (which surely would be enough for my plants in a 25L tank - even my Val is not looking great or spreading like i thought)

PH is around 7.4

Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrates range from 20ppm to 40ppm depending on how close i am to a water change

I have removed Carbon from my filter and changed it with Purigen.

I really cant work out what it is I could be doing wrong here or if there is something I am missing? Even the moss isnt looking great...and that grows in anything.

I have looked all over the net and every deficiency, it will say yellowing leaves, but no growth. I am getting growth but yellowing leaves. or just doesnt have the same signs as what i have. But even then my fertiliser has the nutrition that they suggest.

The substrate is ISTA Water Plant soil so i would have though that would be fine?

Is there something else i should be adding to such a low tech tank?

I thought of upgrading the light but didnt think for such basic plants it would be necessary. I had lilliaeopsis which just deteriorated but i thought as much based on the low light.

The light is also going through a plastic lid - would this be an issue? I dont really want to remove the lid because i have a mystery snail, dont want it escaping

If anyone can suggest anything else it would be great


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