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Breeding Pair of Angels with 2 foot tank set up plus various fish

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This is my link to the original Post of the full tank set up with the breeding Angels.


A full 2 foot tank set up with Eheim 2213 filer, 2ft Light, blue gravel, plants in the pics - anubia attached to rock, Anubias Nana attached to drift wood, java fern, crested java fern, a type of crypt (I think).

The fish included in sale are :

An Angel Pair (bred numerous times, but fry kept being eaten in community tank) - earlier this year they were doing batches of eggs almost every 2 weeks of each one, either eating them - after I turned the tank light on - or having fry last up to the free swimming phase for 2 days and then get eaten!

Male Marble Angel roughly 10cm from tip of top fin to bottom fin body roughly 5cm

Female Striped Angel roughly 8cm tip of top fin to tip of bottom fin, body roughly 4cm

3 Albino Bristlenose Catfish, there are 2 definite males and one (subordinate male/possible female, has bristles, but not as defined as the other two) Biggest would be 7cm and smallest 6cm

2 Dwarf/Chain Loaches 4-5cm long

1 male orange/black/speckled Molly. 1 Rummy Nosed tetra. 1 Leopard Danio

Pick up is from Spring hill in Brisbane



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