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Have you seen this cichlid ?

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Its a long shot and not likely to be in this country, but London Zoo are looking for this rare Malagasy cichlid which is extinct in the wild, they only have 2 males and need a female to keep the species going. They have put a worldwide request out to all zoos and aquarists, to see if they can find one. I doubt that it is here but you never know.

The Mangarahara cichlid (Ptychochromis Insolitus) is believed to be extinct in the wild, due to the introduction of dams drying up its habitat of the Mangarahara River in Madagascar, and two of the last known individuals are residing in ZSL London Zoo’s Aquarium.

Could someone kindly forward this on to the Cichlid club of QLD and any southern cichlid clubs and or forums please. It would be a shame to lose yet another species .




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