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Live blackworms

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These are not cichlids but are great cichlid food, plus could not find anywhere else suitable.

I am setting up a large blackworm breeding program for feeding my own fish, but i am also interested to know if anyone else would be interested in buying bulk live blackworms?

This is not a comitment to buy just EOI.

Sales would not start until next year.

I would be looking at selling 1kg plus free delivery to central coast and SE QLD for around $70

EOI will help me decide how big i make the set up.

Also happy to answer any questions on this post.

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Would be interested as well, 1kg would be too much even for large fish rooms. Just a suggestion but maybe selling in lots of 500 grams would be a better option and would also be more mangeable.

It would be awesome if we can a more local breeder of black worms. I say go for it mate

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Cool, thanks.

Yep 1kg is a lot and i would certainly be open to smaller amounts, im just not too interested in doing anything below about $15.

My main motivation is that it is very difficult to get healthy worms in qld, unless u go to a river. Plus they are awesome for getting fish to breed, putting on size quickly and my personal favorite... put a handfull in a tank before i go on 2 week holidays :-) (yes u do need a good filter)

As for how long they last, it just depends on how well you keep them. I had a small colony on top of my tropical tank for 3 weeks untill they were all eaten, but they were really healthy when i got them and i gave them a quick rinse in unclorinated water (just used tank water)

I also have a lot of other examples as i have been using them for about 10 years, once i have some ready for selling i will put together an info pack.

Thanks for the interest :-)

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Any thoughts of drying them?

The big aussie blackworm supplier is doing well in the usa with a dried blackworm/spinach mix cube, targetted at the african cichlid market.

I have actually been thinking of starting up a colony to feed my own fish from, and 1kg is one hell of a huge starter batch!

Would certainly be producing a good amount of worms from the get go.

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Donny, yeah dried are fantastic for fish that are easy to feed but the guys at aussie bw do a great job at that, they also have a great live bw offering as well.

Problem is that when they ship them to qld they have to go to melbourne first, then plane to brissy and so they are not as healthy as they could be. They actually will not send them to central coast as they found most shipments die.

I can also get them wholesale but its very hit a miss with the quality.

1kg is a very big starter... im looking at starting with 2kg growing it to 8kg then harvesting it monthly


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Im new to tropical fish and have herd great things bout bw and herd the gamble with postage be great to get someone local, go for it think big research posible shops who would buy , maybe small cubes of frozen etc. I had a worm farm in england for fishinf bait the more i looked into it the biger the market i found. U are on a winner me thinks ill by from u even if im a small guy

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Yeah I am still a firm believer that if they are healthy, purged, have enough oxygen, are in very little water and don't go above 30 degrees then they are fine for at least 8hrs. I think a lot of people/companies forget they are living creatures.

I use to clean the Blackworms at Aquarium Industries, they had five 500ltr tubs on wheels, these tubs had huge airstones and the water was changed every couple of days. So far this sounds reasonable but often the water would be a milky colour and the smell was putrid because they had up to 6000 cc (approx 6kg) in each tub, thats around 3 million critters which produce Ammonia. There was minimal surface area for bacteria to colonize and break down the Ammonia and Nitrites so its no wonder when they get shipped to a shop they are in poor condition.

I use to get into arguements about better ways to do it but I would always get told "this is how we have done it for a long time and it works well"..... Put your hand up if you think this was a good way to keep living critters. If your hand is raised go drown yourself and save the lives of all animals you were going to encounter in your life.

Wooosaaa..... Going to stop my rant now :dance:

At the end of the day Blackworms are living creatures, I certainly agree that the weather can affect them and this is no different to all living creatures.

Thanks for all the comments guys and girls, keep them coming :)

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I had forgotten about this post, thanks goneself.

So I brought 3kg up from Victoria with me, direct from Australian Black Worms farm ww.blackworms.com.au and I can say that they were still healthy and all alive after being in bags with minimal water for 28hrs (we drove and then the trailer broke an axle at 5am), the temp in the car was around 30 degrees the entire time and higher while we were waiting for the tow truck for 6hrs (we were in the middle of nowhere qld).

That right there was the difference between getting them direct from a healthy source and getting them from a wholesaler or shop who has not cared for them properly.

Unfortunately though about half did not survive the next week of heat (it was near 40 degrees for that whole week)

Since then I have not been able to breed enough to feed the fish and have leftovers but I also have not dedicated a proper setup for them as I am trying to finish renovating our house and working flat out. But I am still interested in doing this and will update everyone once things are on track, this is unlikely for probably another 6 months though.

For anyone who is able to pickup from the Brisbane airport I highly suggest getting some from ww.blackworms.com.au as you will see what healthy worms should be like.

PS I have no affiliation with the company apart from being a customer, but the owner is really nice and he has very healthy worms ;)

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