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best paint - back of tank

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Hi all

I am going to paint the back of my marine tank as the paper background is falling away as water gets between it and the glass

what is the best type of paint

Spray paint - enamel

enamel - roll on

acrylic - roll on

and what is the best type brand

what have you used and has been an epic fail

I have had mixed luck over the years with the breeding tanks but over time some start to crack or peal

(before i get asked - this is the outside of the tank)



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Head down to your local sign writers and get some black sticker.They will cut some off their rolls for you.Like jcumpstay said.Use soapy water in a spray bottle.Spray the sticky side with your soapy water and then place it on your clean glass,then use a flat soft plastic applicator or even a squeegee and run it across your sticker to remove the water under the sticker. It's that easy.It won't flake off either. Good luck. Warren

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