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Tropheus Ikola and Illangi and Bemba

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Due to sudden ill health I have to sell some of my fish. This first lot are 6 Illangi and 7 Ikola, they are all around 8cm or larger and one of the Illangi has had a mouthful already.

They are in a 5 foot tank at the moment and I can't catch them so will need someone to catch them.

Letting them go cheap for $200 for quick sale. Don't ask for photos or ask questions, if you want them come and get them. If you come here and don't like them you don't have to buy.

I also have 4 Bemba in another tank for $80 if someone wants them.

Ring or text 0414 581 593

Due to my wife seeing a couple of low offers on these fish they are now withdrawn. I must admit I thought the price was pretty crazy low.

Sorry to the people who submitted full price but couldn't pick up straight away.



Thanks Theo

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Just to let everyone know, I've got people lined up for these but can't pick up till next week. They're still available to anyone who says I can pick up tomorrow, otherwise I'll go with one of the others.

And I'm very sorry to the people who may miss out because of circumstances beyond their control.



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I withdrew them from sale a couple of days ago after the low offers, I think your mate offered full price. Anyway yesterday I had a look at the tank and there's an Ikola with a mouthful and another pair trying to have a go. So luckily I had withdrawn from sale. Someone would definitely have got a bargain if they hadn't been so greedy.

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