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fixing fake rock walls to the back of the tank?

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Just wondering if anyone has good methods to stop a large fake rock wall from flopping forwards? I have a 6x2 wall in my tank, but cannot keep it stuck to the back! I don't to use anythingnpermanent eg. Silicone. Was wondering if anyone has ever rigged up a system with suction caps? E.g. small plastic rod goingthrough a small hole in the wall, and suctioning onto the glass of the back of the tank?

Driving me nuts esp. When it came forwards and the clown loach went behind the damn thing!!!

Thanks guys :)


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Silicone only takes a couple of days to dry properly. It's the easiest to find and

Suction cups are not going to hold to long. How long do you want it held there?

If you were to put a strip along the bottom then up the sides -to most of the water level height- to seal it so that fish can't get trapped behind and then a couple of tacks along the top.

If u still don't want silicone, jam a piece of wood against it probably 3 places in a 6ft.

Or get a 70lt new bin and put the fish and small filter or airstone in it while you silicone it like it should've been done in the first place.

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