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"Sunshine" Peacock

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He's basically a nice yellow peacock. His father was a Blue Neon Hai Reef & his mother was a tank jumping hybrid female (pretty sure she was Maleri Gold X Ngara Flametail or similar). Long story short, when I realised she'd hopped tanks & caught her out she had a gobful (she worked fast! Maybe 1.5-2days!). Out of curiosity I let her raise them, got 5 fry, 2M, 3F (3F ended up as feeders) but the 2 males turned out quite nice so I kept 1. Now my plans have changed & I won't have a display he'll suit so I'll let him go if anyone wants him.

I'm not up on what adult peacocks are worth atm (probably not much) but I'm more interested in him goin to a good home. He's full of character & a really cool fish (quite brave for an African :D)




These pics were taken under cheap LED lighting too. He 'pops' under T5s with a white & an actinic blue & I'm sure he'd look insane under Donny's mad LEDs or similar ;)

I'm headed to Brissy this Thurs to pick up fish, not sure on time yet but can meet up somewhere between here & there.

BTW I've been pretty busy & not on the forum much lately but I'll check at least once a day for PMs. I apologise in advance for any late replys.

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Thanks [MENTION=4720]Shanoz[/MENTION], no worries mate. Glad ya could meet me round lunch, meant I avoided most of the traffic :beer:

Was a good lil chat, hope ya made your meeting (oops)... Lost track of time lookin at ya tanks & chatterin lol. Will probably see ya round the hobby either buyin, sellin or auction.

One thing I didn't mention was good luck with your launch mate ;) Had a quick listen this evenin whilst I was settling the new fish in & I like it. Gotta have a proper listen but first impression was great. I got as far as Cravings but I'm likin Prom Queen & She's Hot Why :)

:drum::drum::drum::drum::drum: best of luck bruz :clap2:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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