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3 small convicts for sale

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hey guys i have 3 small convicts for sale i have had them for about 8-12 months not too sure. All three of them came from the same fry batch and they have just laid eggs so one of them is a male and the other a female they are about 4-5cm and the other one is a lot smaller at around 2.5-3cm i dont know why the smaller one hasnt grone as fast.

P.s i only just looked in then and sore that they were eggs in there:shock:

would want $15 for the pair and someone can offer me something for the little guy.

the tank and everything in the tank i am going to sell as well so if anyone is interested Pm as well

I have to go to an exam now and will get some pics up at around 2pm.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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