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various png and aussie bows

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thinking of selling up so thought i would let ppl know what i have

1.colony of 13 m.parkinsoni 7 male 6 female ranging in size from 5-10 cm,3 different lines

2.reverse trio of bosemani 2 boys are 7-8cm girl is a little bigger

3.pair of belheri girl around 8cm boy around 5-6cm

4.pair of lacustrus both around 7-8cm different lines(boy is stunning)

5.2 pair of deep water creek 5-7cm

6.7 ettay bay macullich 3 girls 4 boys around 4cm

pick up is from ipswich

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avaiable,parkinsonis 100 for the lot firm,ettay bay 40,also have 5

spotted hillstream loaches 50,if you pm me at least have the courtesy to

reply as others have not

ps there are 12 parkinsoni not 13 and they are bigger then when i first posted

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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