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Umbriferum Juvies

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They get big and mean......... meaner than dovi or jags.

But they take a while to get there and you usually lose a few raising them up.

my advice is if you want more than one, start with six and be prepared to divide them off as they grow.

Green freckled monsters!

Any chance of some pictures of the parents?

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Like Donny said. Buy a group. I have 2 left out of 5 :/

I think treating them like flowerhorns, as in having them in divided up large tanks

is the safest way to raise them.

But its much nicer to watch them intermingle.

Just a shame they often play too rough.

There in is the charm and the problem lol

The last ones I saw for sale had deformed mouths and gill plates.

Which sucked as was pretty keen to get some.

Good to see more for sale.

now no room though

trying to ease up on breeding

but the fish apparently have different views on the situation.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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