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Lava Rock

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The stupid things we say and do without thinking about them!!!!! 8O

Redcliffe near the bridge, so you want a heap of people to go walking through a natural eco system and rape and pillage what they need?? Very responsible answer to a question, bravo my hat goes off to you my dear sir, hey i know while your at it, lets remove all the native wildlife and drop a heap of unwanted fish into the local streams as well, what a great idea, cause this does not harm the enviroment in any way shape or form,,,,,, man where have i been for all the years, :?:roll:

Leave the rock where it is dude! Dont make idiotic statements that have ramifications in the longterm.

Chickadee do what GS said i think thats great idea and stay away from christos idea, HTH.

I live out that way redcliffe and do not want to see it ruined by a few rash decisions.


Ray :roll:

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Hey frenchy fries dude :)

I get wat ya saying, but alot of these dudes that grab rocks and drift are licensed to do so, not saying there are not cowboys that dont :)

i think if we get to a free for all, we could do alot of damage to places in a big hurry! look at some of the situations we have currently happening around the world, Ray is not all dribble rubbish and hang things on peopes :) all be it i love that stuff :lol: and could do it till the day i die 8O no that is not an invitation to off me 8)

But i am a caring little person trying his utmost to be a responsible fishy keeper without affecting the world we live in. :oops:

just my two bobs worth, and if ya dont like it then bugger off {edit} :oops: medication juss kicked in,,,,,,revise and reword, thats just the way i feel and i hope this makes sense to the majority of people reading it. Love you all ray, :roll::):lol:

God i make myself :cry: sometimes, dont ya juss feel the love.

{edit by a mod}

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EDITED By me. What i said was alittle harsh.

Ray my boy. Is it time for the "Daddy where do rocks come from" talk. Where do you think anything comes from ray. It comes from nature in some way, shape or form.

Here is a small flow chart of the process of getting a rock from a pet store or fish shop.


So you are paying 4 markups for a rock that comes from the same place as you would get it.

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I like the 1st post ya put up man, u trying to get out of the man to man. we were having! how quickly u turn 8O I like mooch now, we will be friends and u can go jump ya big flirt :cry:

I like yer little flow chart on basic business principles it was fun and enjoyable to read, but did lack some content, where is the risk assessment on your proposal, i saw no long term vision, there was no sustainablility built into your proposal. I would like to read your mission statement attached to it also. Maybe the ramifications on the environment are so small that we as human beings are really over analyzing our impact on the environment in the 1st place maybe we actually not muck it up as bad as the media is making it out to be, hmmmmm Matrix is lookin much better know, might go watchit again,,,,,,,,,,, please ashy for the love of god and me hippy values dont wreck it for the little ashies yet to come, how many poor little crabs are u going to evict to make yer tank look ok,,,, :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Sorry gettin alittle emotional, wipes his eyes on his wifes hairy hippy armpits,,,,,hmmmmm thats better :lol:

and finally your business flowchart sux by the way, its open to emotion and lacks sustance............. work on it again and please forward a revised plan by the 8pm,,,,,,,

{edit by mod}

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i think if we get to a free for all, we could do alot of damage to places in a big hurry! look at some of the situations we have currently happening around the world,

You reckon!?!?!?! :lol::lol::lol:

Yeh, I can imagine every fish keeper in SE Qld driving to an area to collect a red lava rock for there tank :roll:

Watch out reality train coming.......May I suggest some better "goods"

Oh, you have to 8.30pm to edit your posts too. No missing spelling words to make swear words thanks. :wink: :lol:

Frenchy :D

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Post has been modified for GS, hoping to make it alittle more family orientated.

Ash hate ya now, offa me xmas list.

Title, no more discounted drugs for u

Mooch, my dear new little friend

Christo, dont like u anymore

and thats about it.

God be with you all,,,,,please feel free to come to church with me this sunday,,,,,,repent your sins

God love you all.


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Skoob I have defended your virtue in the past, dont be comin down to Scarb, and raping andpilllllaaaaggggiing that now ok 8O Christo, u wont get banned they save that for me, go ahead and have your say but in a nice way cause i dont wanna be offended, I am sure we can sit down after this and have tea and scones like i offered Dougie, and you and me can be mates forever (We wont but it sounds nice and all the peeps reading this will go OHHHHHHHHHHH aint that cutesy) :roll: In my own opinion i can see where everyone is going with this topic and poor old Leah is goin my god what have i done, i liken it to the water situation currently, yep lets all say too bad do what we want, but as environmental warriors like we all are i am sure we are aware of the issues, I am doin my bit, and juss recently (This morning) went down to the jetty to see the little crabs frolicking in the low tide under their (RED ROCKS) soon to be gone offen u guys keep floggin them, made me :cry: i sat there talking (well i thought i was) to the little crabbies and bugs tellin em it would be alright, these nasty peooples would see the damage they are doing to you little guys and leave ya alone....... maybe it was false hope, maybe i was juss trying to lift their little spirits, i dunno, but guys FTLOG (NOT a swear word GS, For The Love Of God) :lol: think before u do it,,,,,,,come to my place have alook at me tanks, will ya see recliffe rock NO NO NO NO,,,,,, maybe a terrrrracooooottttta pot flogged from me neighbour cause i dont like him, but no lava rock, 8O I am gettin so emotional now the :cry: tears :cry::cry: are starting to affect me keyboard, so on a final note, leave them rocks alone, come to my house christo and have tea and bicccccckies and we can forma long lasting friendship, that hopefully will see us both as old fellas loving our environment and not destroying it. YES ONE MAN CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, two could prolly make some more, and maybe 3 a Sh^%Tload more, after that i cant count that high cause i was a bit dumb at school, but thats another story.

Peace Love and god be with you all.

Lots of love Ray :roll:

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Well thanks for the great respose there all yous guys! Thats what the forum is all about some open discussions and some great opinons and thats awesome.

I promise i wont go raid redcliffe.I am preferably after a shop (But at a decent Price)

Well i carnt wait till next weeks Question! Ha Ha.

Have a good week ,and thanks again for the imput.

I will be over for a cofee and Scones.Or maybe a BBQ fellas.I will bring the chicken.

Inghams love em'


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OK guys

Im locking this thread as it not going anywhere useful

I agree going and collecting your own rock isnt a great idea as it isnt great for the enviroment

Also please dont spell swear words in a way to get around the censor

Its there for a reason and anyone who is deliberating trying to get around can have some time off


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