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Daughters Tank Fish Selection

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Hey all,

I just got my 3 year old daughter a tank and i was after some advice on fishes to go into it. Currently has 1 resident Betta called Red (Guess his colour). Suggestions welcome for other community members.

I was thinking a couple of Corys, Ottos or Kuhli Loaches +maybe some shrimp (Red would probably eat them).

Maybe some fancy Guppies for mid tank or Endlers. Just after something colourful for her to look at when she is laying in bed.

All suggestions welcome :D

Below is her tank which i planted out a couple of days ago with excess plants i got from my 3fter. There is some water wisteria over the back behind the rock to.


The tank is a:

Aqua One AquaStart Pro 340

Tank Size: 35W x 36D x 44H cm

Capacity: 40 litres

Filter: 400l/hr

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All depends on the temperament of your betta. I don't think shrimp would be wise and definitely don't get any guppies cos the betta will go for them at night and take chunks out of their pretty tails while they sleep. You will never see kuhli loaches with so many hiding spots but 2 corys would be good.

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I hope red is nice.... will see what the LFS has tomorrow...

From what i remember they had:


glowlight tetras

couple of corys (hope they are still there)

lots of barbs

i think they have endlers not guppys (the tails are alot smaller than fancy guppys),

Lemon tetras

Dwarf Gouramis


Cannot remember the rest will go have another look tomorrow. Wouldn't mind the Corys any ways.

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Yea go endlers, they're smaller and faster (and better) haha. Small tetras would be good also but I'd stay away from barbs in such a Small tank. One dwarf gourami might be ok but your fighter and him might have arguments over territory. Good luck and don't over stock :-D

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