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6x2 display tank

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Gday all

I picked up a 6x2 with a few fish a couple of months ago with plans of turning it into a nice mixed African display tank... Now I'm fairly new to fish keeping but thanks to the guys at age of aquariums (free plug there lol) for putting me onto this website, Ive been doing heaps of reading.

Now I'm here to ask a few questions about some of the stuff I've read...

Number one would be sumps... What are they for in the first place? What are the pros and cons of running a sump? Is it cost effective? All that sort of info.

And number two is growing jeuvies out... Is there anything I should be doing to speed the process up as much as I can? What's the best mix of foods for growth and colour? Anything else you can help with to get the lil guys growing :)

Any other tips or anything else i should know is greatly appreciated.

Stock list of the tank:

1x tropheus red morilo

1x ob lab trewavasae

2x maingano

2x venustus

2x tangerine peacock

2x flametail ngara

4x humpheads

4x convicts - I know I shouldn't mix with the africans but I really wanted them in the tank and have been doing real well too :)

Plenty more fish still to come too

Thanks all...


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