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keeping the temp down this summer

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I've noticed that it gets pretty humid between the lids at the water, but doesn't seem to affect the water temp unless the heater allows for it. Maybe leave small gaps around the lid to release some heat (not enough for fish to jump out) and humidity so it doesn't affect the water temp.

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The smaller size tanks do get affected by the heat quicker. I dont know of any other solutions than the good old air conditioner and chillers. I have never really had this issue. mmmmmmm i wonder how my outside tank will cope today.

Good luck.


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I used to put water in large bottles of plastic coke bottles in the freezer then leave them to

defrost in the fish tank , was a pain in the a$$ but was cheaper then a chiller.. I'm a bit pedantic

but really rinse well & take labels of and fill with tank water to be on the safe side.. Also I believe

in leaving the heaters in ur tank over summer(off) as I don't think they like being left to dry out..

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Yea the frozen bottles of water work well for tanks that need lids. I use salt water in mine as I found it takes longer to melt. Just pop a condom over the lid (don't forget to wash the lube off it first) and tie a rubber band around it just incase the seal in the lid fails you don't really want that water in ya tank. Another one if you don't need a dramatic drop in temp is take the lids off, place a length of doweling across the top of the tank, drape a face washer or hand towel over it so it's in the water and have a fan blowing across or down onto it. Face washer soaks up water, fan cools it which in turn cools the tank slightly. Hope this helps a little

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Here's a handy hint if the temp is too high

Do a water change. A 10-20% change never hurts and doesn't take long

That'll solve the immediate problem of a high temp

Then its up to you to keep it cool. It's not rocket science just think of the tank as YOU in that place. How would you keep cool?

Step 1 - lights off (I have a 10ft tank and use all the lights to heat the tank in winter after a big water change, lights make a huge difference if they're warm lights (some LEDs don't run warm)

Step 2 - no sun (of course you say) but this means keep the room shut up from the sun if possible, not just the tank.

Step 3 - lids off wherever you can

Step 4 - drink cold beer (this only works for you, not the tank)

Step 5 - if you really need to drop the temp with no water change, axolotyl methods. Ice from distiller or filtered water is fine, or the other advice on frozen coke bottles or salt water which freezes lower than 0C works well too. Whatever will cool your beer will work in a tank. For safety Id avoid salt water just in case (sh!t is bound to happen)

Step 6 - use a fan over the surface of the water. A fan blowing in your face cools you the same way (this method costs electricity but your offset is your heater hasn't been doing much work so don't feel guilty)

That's about all you can do, keep it cool like you would YOU

If you want a more permanent solution than ice buckets or water changes then install a permanent fan setup (if you have a hood)

he reckons 10 Fahrenheit drop from this mini computer fan setup run by USB (cheap)

Youtube How to cool an aquarium 10 DEGREES! for under $20 DIY

ByErik Summer6,889 views


Cooling fans for fish tanks

By mr saltwater tank TV


Basically backing up the evaporative cooling method as highly effective at cooling

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