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Two Little Fishies CDX Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Media

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Two Little Fishies CDX Carbon Adsorption Media now available.

CO2 adsorbing media for PhosBan Reactor or similar aquarium reactors

* Innovative media helps keep pH-lowering CO2 out of your aquarium

* Replace exhausted aquarium media when it changes color to violet

Two Little FishiesTackle pH management at the source for water parameters vital for healthy reef aquariums. Two Little Fishies CDX Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Media help maintain and elevate aquarium pH by removing CO2 (carbon dioxide) introduced through protein skimmers. Simply install CDX in a tall columnar reactor such as Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor and connect the CDX-filled reactor to your protein skimmer. Use the Two Little FIshies CDX Adaptor or a similar barbed, reducing fitting to connect the air intake for the protein skimmer to the outflow pipe of the reactor. Now your protein skimmer is a CO2 scrubbing dynamo!

Is atmospheric CO2 bringing aquarium pH down?

Two Little Fishies CDX Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Media takes a novel approach to pH management. Accumulation of CO2 in the air (especially in closed environments) can make its way into an aquarium through any device that draws in air. Once dissolved into aquarium water, excess CO2 can lower average aquarium pH. When installed in a reactor and used in conjunction with a protein skimmer, CDX works in two ways to help maintain higher average pH, vital for healthy reef aquariums. First, CO2 entering your protein skimmer is removed. Second, the CO2-free air injected into your reef aquarium via protein skimmer effectively removes CO2 dissolved in the water. Color-changing CDX media turns from white to violet to indicate exhaustion.

Available in a 750ml Container $24.95 and a 3L bucket $59.95. CDX Adaptors also in stock.

Link - Age of Aquariums - CDX Media

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