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FS Complete 4ft discus tank inc 2 Stendker discus, Eheim 2215 & Hydor inline heater

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*****All Sold Thanks*******

Moving house so I need to shift this tank this weekend, it's available for collection either Saturday or Sunday from Taigum on Brisbane Northside, not splitting. Bring your own buckets and ute.

So we have a 4ft G.Maher tank with sliding lids, 15" wide, 18" high in good condition. No chips on tank or lids, a few minor scratches on the glass. Comes with 4ft textured rubber rock background siliconed to the tank. Tank includes 1 piece of twisted wood, there are 2 pieces in the photos (cost $50 each) but I'm keeping 1. There's a shed-load of healthy Java Fern in there as you can see, would cost a bit by itself. Substrate is approx. 2 bags of red Eco-complete, nothing has been grown in it but it has been in the tank for 18 months.

Pair of Red Turk Stendker discus as bought from Pet City about 18 months ago. Lay eggs regularly but I've never raised them or tried, there are a few tetras in here going too, plus some cories which I'll be keeping. The female has always been a bit dark, both feed well on worms and bloodworms.

AquarWorld cabinet is in perfect condition per the photos, no marks or scratches at all.

Eheim 2215 is full of Eheim media and includes original taps etc, 18 months old.

Hydor 200w inline heater.

Silver, metallic finish twin T5 light unit with 2 tubes.

So, the price then... I reckon $450 is fair for everyone. I'm not holding, first in with the cash and all that. PM me please. Advertised elsewhere too.






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