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Plants kinda hmmm melted

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hey all,

Just recently brought some plants and planted out my tank, have been in the tank for a week now. I have been putting in a cap of Excel each day like it says and all but yeah my Blyxa Aubertii has just seem to have melted to well nothing, and i have a heap of melted gunk in my tank.... will it grow back or have i just killed it lol? Just turned the Co2 on yesterday as i got no fish in there atm so its on at a reasonable amount nothing too crazy. Any ideas?

Knowing me i will kill everything lol

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The tank is sitting at 26C atm. Plants have been in for a week and well they just look bad :(. I am putting in a cap of excel a day like it says and i have the Co2 going. I just suck at plant keeping lol. Gotta order my fish tomorrow to :(, they are coming into a badly planted aquarium. I have an SS Freshwater Led light on for about 7 hours a day atm.

Plant Melt


Even some plant melt on the Lotus :(


Not sure if thats pearling on the Anubia or what but there are heaps of bubbles coming off them.


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Excell, like the other glutaraldehyde products......... can make certain plants melt.

The most common plant people report melting is val.

But then others have success with it in tanks containing val.

Plants are individuals hey, as strange as that sounds.

What works for some, mightnt work for others.

I would back off on the amount you are using, as while the anubias is loving it......... the others may not find it ideal.

Dose rates can often assume you have a mature fully planted out aquarium...... where plants will use up that much rapidly.

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