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Tropheus Bemba

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Selling the last of my Tropheus which consists of 4 Tropheus Bemba. I haven't got any decent photos because they are over black gravel at the moment so look totally black. Just one photo taken a few weeks ago, I'll post it when I find it.

Found it, you can just see them in the background, not sure on sex, but they're always playing the mating game, practising anyway, so there's got to be at least one female, although I think it could be half each.

Selling the lot for $80. Today only $70 no holding. Now $60


Text or ring 0414581593

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Will sell for $70 today only no holding, sick of people not turning up. These fish are ready to breed, I've got a funny feeling they've had a couple of mouthfuls but I can't see them too well in the tank they're in.

Just like my Moba they only hold for a day or two till they get used to it.

0414581593 Theo

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