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Marine equipment items

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For sale are 2 protein skimmers, 1 is internal and the other a hang on back. I'm asking for $30 each.

I have 2 Hydor Koralia wave makers. 1 was purchased from America so it will come with a transformer so it can be used with Australian plugs. It is rated at 750gph. The other needs a new impeller shaft and magnet, but still works perfectly. It is rated for 3200l/h. I'm asking for $80 for both or $60 for the American Koralia and $30 for the other.

Next item is a Tunze nano reef pack 200. No motors are included but all the other pieces are there. Asking for $50.

Finally for sale is a Hailea HC-150a chiller. It is in perfect working order. Just in time for summer. Asking for $200.6u5apadu.jpg7amazazu.jpgureve6ag.jpgde4aje9e.jpg7ypema9y.jpgapuju7up.jpg5uzyqapy.jpguvudeju5.jpgsu3anu5a.jpg

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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