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Urgent sale dry goods

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RO Unit + adaptars to fit on to garden tap. $60 On hold but please express interest if you are interested


2 x big water containers (i think they are both 80l). Good for storing RO water/ water change water. $40 each


Aquamanta 300w heater with cover. Hardly used. $30 PENDING PAYMENT


Eheim heater 300w. Used in my discus tank but only been running for 2/3 months. $30


AquaOne Pump + hose. Makes water changes super easy! $40

Prime. 500ml. Over half remaining, probably 2/3. $10

Tropic Marine Pro Discus Minerals - Only used a couple of scoops. $20

Acid Buffer - Only used once. $15

Kusuri Wormer. Used twice. $15

Discus Code. Almost full. $12

Ocean Nutrition Discus Formula Pellets. Approx 1/3 remaining. $7

6l Buffer barrel great for shrimp water changes and drip acclimatising! $10

Purigen in "the bag". Probably at least 125ml. Recharged and ready to go. $10

API Aquarium salt. Only used a couple of spoon fulls. $4

API Master Test Kit Loads left in the bottles, but only 1 test tube! $15

Genchem Biozyme Approx 1/3 of a packet. $5

Eheim Quick Vac Pro. Its only a few months old but for some reason the on/off switch broke. I lost the receipt so couldnt take it back. It still works fine though, I just take the top off slightly to break the connection with the batteries to turn off/on. $20 PENDING PAYMENT

Please ask if you would like photos of the things without them.

Some things are pick up only (south Gold Coast). Smaller things i can ship for cost.

Urgent sale so i will consider reasonable offers. No holds!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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