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Calvus Problem....need help please

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Hi to all,

I am new to the forum, but have been Tanganyikan fish-keeping for a few years now, and after trying to do alot of research my black Calvus has me stumped. First, I have not long upsized my 2ft to a 4ft tank and she was fine with the transition. Then, 2 weeks ago, I had a heater problem and temperature spiked to over 32 degrees and she was the only one in the tank affected by the temp spike. I quickly did a partial water change to slowly bring down the temp, but since the heater problem her skin has gone really dark and rough looking (as I hope you can see in the video). Water parameters seem to be all fine PH 8.2, Ammonia is 0.25ppm, nitrite is 0ppm and nitrates at 40ppm (a little high but I believe ok). GH and KH also fine. Temp is 26 degrees.

I'm unsure if she has a disease and this is where I am looking for help. I have Tropheus Bemba's, Leptosoma's, and white calvus also in the tank and they are all fine.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Has she ever hidden or slept behind heater?

She may have been closer to it than others.

So maybe heater burn?

Clavus have thick armoured skin.

So it takes a lot to hurt them.

The marks on the side match up with those seen on cichlids after ritual combat.

One fish presents its flank, and the other attacks it.

Then they switch sides.

Its sort of how boxers go into the clinch and hug. They are trying to catch a break from swinging or taking punchs.

With cichlids its a break from trying to break each others jaws.

Of the species in with her, a male calvus would be my first suspicion..... but a Bemba is likely too, if they squabbled over territory.

The fish does seem to be expecting attack from below in the youtube video.

On the other hand it may just be a mild secondary bacterial infection from netting damage.

If you are using a coarse nylon net to move her it might be worth getting a fine white net to use instead.

Use the nylon net to herd the fish (its faster) and the fine white to block it off and remove from tank.

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Hi Donny,

Thanks for the fast reply, I don't believe she was near the heater but may have been overnight when the incident happened and could definately explain the extreme dark colour.

But I found her the next morning, at the bottam of the tank, gasping.

I introduced a juvenile male white calvus recently and he has been hassling her, but he is about a third of her size! I believe he sees her as weak, from her condition.

Don't worry about the bemba, she was just attention seeking because I was near the tank.

Would myaxzin help in a treatment for a bacterial infection? Could possibly be netting damage, but I am now leaning to heater burn....

She has started to come out from her hiding place more often now and is eating fine from observation, but still not herself. Her age is nearly 3 years.

Thanks again for your help.

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My guess is........

The heat knocked her around and then the little male beat her up while she couldnt fight back. Its very one sided damage by the looks of it as she has no mouth damage. If it is damage from a fight, she was not hitting back. She is not herself as she has likely been knocked down a few pegs on the tanks pecking order.

However the injury happened myaxzin will help prevent any nasty secondary bacterial infections from resulting.

I say help, because the main thing you need is good water quality, and that you have.

But yea I'd keep an eye on the male.

If she deteriorates, I would move her to a large fry saver.

Just incase she is being picked on.

You can buy heater guards like the otto ones that fit most heaters, although you need 2 for a single jaeger 300W.

These prevent fish like b/n, bgk, clown loaches, silver dollars, monos, scats, discus....... from suffering heater burns.

Although perhaps the most aesthetic solution is to ensure plenty of lurks for all in the main aquarium hardscape.

A few extra calvus wedges per tank never goes astray.

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Yes it is very one sided, talk about hitting someone while they are down, didn't expect that to be honest.

Need to get some myaxzin and will purchase it in the very near future to have on hand.

I have a small hospital tank with very similar water parameters and will consider transferring her if it gets to hard to control, but that will be a last resort.

I have turned off the heater now as with temps we are having i don't believe it is necessary to have on.

Once again thanks for your help, really appreciate it.

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By the way I am the person that got that tall piece of texas holely rock off you about a month ago (it's the piece in the video). I believe it was you that helped me find it?

Also, I think it was yourself who told me about this forum and told me to join. Thanks again

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