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After trying to save some cash and buying a second hand 6ft tank cheap, set it all up at home and three weeks later set off on our holiday to Italy.

Well after a week away I got a phone call from the lady who was house sitting for us to let me know my 6fter was leaking.

Anyway after a few nervous hours and many phone calls my brother inlaw managed to buy me a 4ft tank and transfer my fish and emptied the 6fter.

When we got home from our holiday, after a close inspection I put up a thread about resealing or completely pulling the tank apart.

Thanks to the answers from the people of this forum, I was directed to contact Cichlidswife (Mike) and after a few texts and calls, Today he came over and picked up my tanks and I spent the afternoon helping him strip it down and preparing it to redo.

Thanks Mike, He sure knows what he is doing and we managed to get the back panel on to the base the rest will be done at a later datepost-7934-14711629823598_thumb.jpg

The tank before


There was sooooo much silicon on the inside of the tank, I say the tank had been resealed a few time before lol


One side off, came off so easy as the old silicon was gone


Just about all pulled apart, time to clean and get it ready for reassembly


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Mikes photo signature, Can you guess what it is lol




One side panel on, coming along nice

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Went to Mikes today to pick up my tank and Mike finished off the lids for me and drilled the holes for the future sump

Id like to say a big thank you to Mike, He definitely went above and beyond on this rebuild.

Very happy with the end result.


Cut the glass to make sliding lids


Plastic runners purchased from Dennison



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All set up filled with water ready for the fish tomorrow

If anyone is thinking of rebuilding a tank and doesnt want to do it, Definitely give Mike a ring, well worth it

Once again thanks alot Mike



[MENTION=7934]adriancorrea[/MENTION] - cant see the image...

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