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Advice and secrets on starting a shrimp tank

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I finally decided that I should definitely have a shrimp tank haha. I can even get my partner to build me a nice little cube tank to keep them in :D

I want to know everyones secrets. I have never seen a shrimp tank (except of course for the little bowls they are kept in at some shops) and I don't know anything about them. I need all the information and experience you have!

Thanks in advance guys! I'm already getting excited and only decided to do it about an hour ago!

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I've never attempted shrimp apart from marine shrimp.

But I do know how to introduce them into a new aquarium and find they love NLS.

It really depends on what species of shrimp you would like to keep.

Red cherry shrimp are some of the easiest

Crystal red shrimp are much more exspensive and sensitive from what I've read.

From what I gather temperature is the main concern then after come general hardness and water quality ofcourse.

Something tells me you don't test aquarium cycling, GH, kh, nitrates.. Which are essential to longterm aquarium success.

After time (years) these parameters become more instinct.

Keep in mind that different species have different demands for eg, shrimp need a trace element known as iodine to assist in shedding as they grow.

As for you choice in housing will be the main key to success, for instance if your lighting heats the tank too much even slightly your precious shimp may succumb to thermal shock either during lights on or lights off.

Oxygen, filtration and water flow are more things to take into careful consideration... So your shrimp don't get sucked into your filter and are comfortable.. Over feeding could be your greatest cause for failure in a small tank as the water changes very fast and could over power your bacteria causing ammonia and nitrite poisoning.

But like i said it really all depends on your aquarium build design and it's position in the home and mostly of all species.

Red crystal shrimp are the best of the best but not for the entry levels.

I would love to own shrimp and oneday will but as far as I can tell from experiance, marine shrimp are easier to keep, probably because marine aquariums are slightly larger but still very possible in 6 gallons or less. Which is what I had "dancing shrimp" in with clownfish (Nemo's).

Theres no reason why you can't have some red cherry shrimp in a pico sized tank with led lighting, just be very gentle and think every step out through clearly before you bring home shrimp or do a water change.

Imagine a lack of oxygen or a mini cycle could cause these fragile invertebrates to perish.

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We have a GH and KH test we also test Ph, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate every week-fortnight. We have been stung by some pretty horrid mistakes while cycling in the beginning of looking after fish now I am a lot more careful cycle the tank with ammonia not with fish!

At the moment I have a black water betta tank, a 300L display tank and a betta barracks. I have no issues with my tank I was more wondering if there is any secrets or experience that anyone can share that in their experience makes shrimp caring easier. I will be researching and researching and reading and questioning before even starting to cycle the shrimp tank.

I'm planning on getting my partner to build me a cube (60cm*60cm*60cm) I was going to start with cherry shrimp just to see how I go starting shrimp as I know they can be quite tricky.

Thanks for your advice

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