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Help to positively identify this...

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So I've asked around and nobody can give me a positive identification of this 'worm'.

Plenty have said it's harmless and proliferates when overfeeding but no one can tell me what it's called'.

I've also searched the net and Google Images with nothing coming up that matches what I have.

What I would like to know is what is it called (I'm not after guesses as to what it is as I've already been down that path)?

Is it harmful to fish (bristlenose) & shrimp?

How do I eradicate them from the aquarium?

I have treated the tank with 'No Planaria' without success.

I just started a course of treatment with 'Blue Planet' Worm and Fluke Tablets.


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You haven't been having special quiet alone time by yourself mate in your fish dungeon now have you!?!?!?! Jokes mate, I have had other types of those no harmful white worms in my tank but nothing like these little dudes! So I am no good with this! :S


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