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For sale 48inch dual tube t5ho lights .

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For Sale .

T5ho twin tube flouro lights . as per Photo.

I have multiple of these (at least 5 maybe 8 )

Their condition is fair but working .

Will negotiate on multiple purchases but wanting $40 per light for single lights .

If anyone is interestede in dead light fittings I have some 3ft and 2ft ones same style .

Pm for enqiries

Or phone 38853433

Pickup on weekend please .

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Some people have requested more pictures and pictures of the faulty lights.

here they are !

Faulty lights are on the left facing the pranged Lancer - working on the right .All working lights are 4 foot .

I only have 7 fully functioning 4ft lights the other only works on 1 tube .

2 of the 4 footers are on hold .

If someone wants to make an offer on the rest of them - I may be interested .

Better for me to get rid of allof them at once .

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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