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High PH in tank and higher than usual Nitrates 2 days after Water change

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Hey guys,

Just tested my water with an API Master Test kit 2 days after doing a water change and my parameters are as follows

Ammonia - 0

Nitrite - 0

PH - pushing 8.0-8.2 it seems

Nitrates - pushing 40ppm

Previously the tank was running at around

PH - 7.4

Nitrates - were around 5.0ppm after introducing Purigen.

My concern is the rise in the PH as well as the higher than usual nitrates 2 days after changing 25% of the water

Tank is 25Litres with Red Cherry Shrimp and a Mystery Snail running Aquaclear HOB with Seachem matrix (and original bio) and purigen

Water temp is up from about 25-27 with the current hot weather here.

Should I be concerned at these levels? I recently started feeding the shrimp daily, rather than every 2nd day, could this be the issue and should I go back to this?

Any ideas are appreciated.

EDIT: Water is straight from a Water Tank also

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