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Fossochromis Rostoratus pics

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thought I'd put some pictures up of the F1 Rosto's. The Dominant male has been coloured up non-stop for the last 3 days and there was a mouthful yesterday.

Their are 2m/8f in the colony which are housed with a colony of Furcifer Resha, Brichardi and the odd calvus in a 4.5,2,18.

The dominant male is only 9-10cm which is only a third of the size they can grow so I have big expectations for his colour in the future.







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Hell yes!

Thats probably the smallest rostratus female with a mouthful I have ever seen.

Already a stunner too.

And he knows it, which is awesome for display.

I like how these guys change their facial expression as they grow.

That guys still got his kid face on, and yet already the man lol

My fry are prob around 4cm now, only kept the 1 mouthful.

And have traded my females for another big male.

The 2 boys dont really get on, but they dont fight too much either.

For such a hyper active ADDHD personality style fish.......... they are remarkably chilled out when it comes to fighting or eating smaller fish.

Awesome fish, nothing else really like it in Malawi.

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Very nice specimens indeed, love the colour in that guy for his size. I used to breed rostratus 10-15 years ago, had an adult colony in a 8 x 2 x 2, was always fun catching them in that big tank. My fully grown females used to pump out around 270 fry in a mouthful, I counted one mouthful to see how many there were. Good to see there are some nice ones getting around again.

Cheers, Doug

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Put a net in the tank and watch them disappear into the sand. They will pop out at the other end of the tank like magic. Not many species that can literally swim through sand... They were very hard to catch from Lake Malawi for this very reason.

The locals call them "sly fox" for their diving under nets.

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Yep they just take time.

But breeding at such a young age is an impressive sign.

Keep the weight on the females and they will soon hold full term.

Some other thoughts from raising them.

Be careful not to put more aggressive fish with them.

They do not do well against malawi rock mbuna for example.

Keeping the males beautiful has a lot to do with their mental state.

This is something a lot of lake victorian cichlids have in common with them.

They are beautiful until someone beats them up properly......... and then it takes a long time until they regain their former glory colours.

Brichardi are an excellent match for them IMHO.

And something I am interested to try.

A display of princess and rostratus....... that has me thinking I must admit.

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Yeah their pretty special fish. The females are always kept fat with a very varied diet.

yeh its actually a really interesting tank to watch. The Rosto's breed up on the slate on top of a pot in the right corner of the tank which you can see in the first pick. The brichardi had a batch of fry yesterday in a BN log in the centre of the tank which they all defend. The Furcifer Resha has his castle on the left hand end of the tank so its all worked out pretty well and all the girls Rosto's and Furcifer just swim around sifting through the sand. Will have to do a video when I get the chance.

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