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iv had a fx5 that whent bad on me so I looked into getting a new motor for it as it would be cheaper than a new pump .

since the release of fx6 I wondered if a 6 can be put on a 5 ,so whent down to [MENTION=2383]ageofaquariums[/MENTION] and ben ordered me a new motor . so after getting home to day I just had to see if it would fit ,so here are the pics and info

the boxes label was a good sign that it would work


out of box 1 new fx6 motor


side by side ,you can see very different size housings



the smaller size housing makes it a lot simpler to screw up


all done in under 2 min


going strong


1 more small change and we are done


so yes fx6 motor on to a old fx5 can be done very eazy, thanks AoA

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