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Ph: 7.4

Ammonia: 0

Nitrate: ~10

Nitrite: 0

Gh: 7

Kh: 3

Size of tank: 300L, 3x2x2

Temperature °C: 25 (ranges between 25-26)

Been running for: 7 months

Filtration: Canister Aqua One Aquis 1250, Sponges, Filter Floss, and Loads of Ceramic Media

Fish in tank: 1x Dwarf Gourami, 4x Glass Catfish, 6x Black Phantom Tetra, 1x Bristle Nose (7cm), 1x Female Betta, 2x Reticulate (YoYo Loaches)

Plants in Tank: Swords, Cryps, Ech, Java Fern, Java Moss, Fontanalis, Lillaeopsis, Hygophilia, Anubus Nana, Anbus Nana Petite, Wisteria

Feeding: Sinking Granules, Sinking Algae Wafers, Sinking Loach Wafers,

Recent Medication Treatments: None for two weeks

Last water change: 58/09/13 - Last Saturday

Water change every Weekly About 40L




We are unsure whats happening. The last few weeks he has had a slight mark on the spot and we thought he'd hurt himself a little.

But over the last two days it has been getting worse and worse. Other than the mark he is acting normal.

What paths of treatment should we look at? If any?

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Over night the mark on his head has become red and looks more like an open sore at this point. After seeing a loach chase him going for the spot we separated him into a breeder box for observation for now. Any tips on what we should be doing?

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After Isolation the mark has started to heal very quickly. Literally overnight it started to heal and looking good and shiny. Things at this stage are still looking good and getting better I think.

Mycobacteriosis is kind of scary, especially how it can lie dormant.. But from what I read it mentioned that if a lesion doesnt heal within 21 days that it could be an indication.

Tell me if I'm wrong here but due to it starting to heal overnight that its probably not that. Maybe not even infected, just a physical injury.

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We only have one male. But he doesn't always get on with everybody.

He tries to eat the algae wafers as the BN is eating so the BN is less than happy about that.

He also bumps and tries to either play or something with the yoyo loaches. They are also the ones that were going for the lesion.

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Its definitely not getting better.

The whole side of his face has red splotches some look as though the scales are starting to peel away from the body.

The hole in his head is no worse but isn't healing as it should.

He also has what looks like mouth rot (kind of :S) But not quite on his upper lip also.






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Feel free to try, best thing you can do is make sure his water is compltely A1, as bad water certainly speeds it up. I bred dawrfs a few times but stopped because of this disease. Usually the next step will be that he will go off his food, if he hasnt already, and he wont eat again. General thinking is that it's somehow connected to genetic weakness in aquarium strains.

But hey, it might be something completely different,try whatever you think will help.

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He is still eating, swimming, acting like a fish all except for those lesions and marks on him, they are the only thing that gives away the fact that something isn't right.

Will keep an eye on him with some treatments if he still progressively gets worse we will stop the suffering.

Is this contagious towards other fish? If so should I be worried about the rest of the tank?

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Sorry about both my partner and I commenting on this thread. I understand it can be a bit confusing, just we comment as soon as we can so that means who ever is at home comments.

Last night we set up a quarantine tank and isolated him. We started low does of melafix, primafix and salt. But he has really started to look worse and worse. At this stage if things don't improve real soon we are going to have to euthanize him.

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