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Split Gene/Regular Jack dempsey juvies

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Some nice little JDs both splits & normals(2/3 split,1/3 normal appx.) ready to go out into the wet world :humble:....

10 for $20

20 for $30

40 for $50

Pick up Wishart and open to negotiation guys...trades for other fish...etc...etc... :blah:

Here's some ebjd from the same parents as these guys...so you know genetics are nice :)


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ummmm not assisting the sale in anyway mate...plus with these guys...its about the genetics you have and how strong the ebjd produced are...I know this line is good..are you aware how good your 200 or so are?..or if they are even splits....having bred these guys personally I am aware of the outcomes/genetics with my guys....anyways off topic and cheers for the free bump...if you wish to discuss further mate PM me..this is my little ad for nice splits and JDs :eyebrows:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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