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clown loaches MIA

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Come home to 6 clown loaches missing not in the tank, overflow or sump..... no tanks mates are big enougth to eat 1 let alone 6 as fhe loaches were = size to tbe biggest cichlid (small 4inch jag) and not on the floor any ware. I put my hand in the tree stump and didnt find or flush them out. The chances of all 6 jumping out of the small gaps between the lid and getting eaten of the ground by cats shouldn't be possible....

The cats carnt get and havent got on tbe tank (there scared of running wafer below in the sump) hope thye show up in the morning.

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Woot wild clown loaches appeared. ...These are the first ones ive owned (normaly just cichlids and natives). Mine have been crazy active all the time, then they disappeared so I was worried.

You will find they get their name from their characteristics. They are like clowns and very playful. While we are stressing on this side of the glass about where they are and whatnot they are hiding in the most smallest of holes laughing hard at you :)

When I had the solitary loach, I pulled all the wood out to clean the tank a bit and could not find Loachie. I shook the wood so ensure he was not in there. Put the wood on the table and went about my business. Put another item on the table and the cheeky ******* was in the wood all the time. There he was laying on the table. I swear the cretin was laughing at me. Now there are three hiding in the same cranny in the wood. They will hide in there for a couple of days and then come out for a feed and a play. Turn the lights on and I sometimes see them lining up in order to dive in there.

What you have is a normal clown loach. He knows when he wants food and he will come out looking for it. He will feed on the left overs in the gravel, so don't be too alarmed. This is why they call them Clown Loaches. Me, personally, prefer Cheeky Lil Sh*ts personally.

Hope this helps.



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