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fish tank and accessories

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1) 2ft tank size: 60x30x38, bought 3 weeks ago as brand new, perfect condition

comes with stand, light (needs new tube), glass lids, internal filter, 100W heater, big sponge filter, air pump (Not the big one on bottom)

$80 for all SOLD

2) 4 normal breeding logs + 2 D caves, $50 for all, now $40

3) egg tumbler, only used once, $15

4) 8 plants attached on 7 pieces of driftwood, 7 are 3 different type of anubias, can't remember the other one's name, some of them are not fully attached yet.

Asking $150 ono for all ON HOLD

5) 1. shrimp pellets, 95% left

2. sera catfish chips, one is un-opened ($13 in stores), the other one has 10% left

3. hikari algae wafers, 40% left

4. sinking carnibore pellets, 70% left

5. normal algae wafers, about 300g

All less than 6 month old

$20 for all SOLD

More will be for sale after sold all my fish and plants






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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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