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new project 5x2x2 dwarf american community

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Hi all, As it says I just got my new tank running. It's 5x2x2 running an aquanova 1200lph cannister and otto 800lph internal.

I will be adding two sponge into k1 filters which will be hidden in the corners as much as possible

It will have a mix of sand and 1-2mm gravel as substrate and lots of wood with a rockery built up at one end.

Inside the rockery and amongst the wood I will have some pipes and caves for breeding and hiding.

THE DRAFT STOCKLIST, in order of preference;

Pair or two of archocentrus sajica

Pair of archocentrus spilurus (blue eye cichlid)

Pair or two of cleithracara maronii (keyhole ciclid)

Par of laetacara curviceps (red breast ciclid)

Pair of archocentrus multispinosis (rainbow ciclid)

Pair of brassiliensis (optional)

Pair or two of apisto not sure on type yet.

Maybe some tetras for the surface

Bristlenose and cories as cleanup crew

Time for questions

Will anything crossbreed?

Recommended lighting for showing off fish colours?

Is that too many fish, if so what do I lose?

Will they all get along? Ive kept a few of these and they are mostly peaceful in my experience but others may have had a different experience.

Can I have plants or just stick with anubias on wood?

I realise I may need to upgrade the filtration, if so I will run a 3ft sump but I dont want to drill if it's not necessary.

I dont have alot of fishy funds at the moment so I am trying too save on everything ( hence dragging out the old aquanova lol)

exept the fish, I dont mind paying for quality

Any input by anyone is welcome, especially people who breed/have the fish on the list

I will start taking pics of stage one tomorrow.

Cheers mick

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That pair of brazilis...I hate when people mess with other peoples stocklist, but if you have the brzilis, they'll eventually be the only thing you have..and blue eyes are very similar to convicts, once they start breeding you'll have blue eyes Everywhere, and everyone else hiding in a corner.

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Thanks for the input mate. I thought the brassilys may have been abit to nasty when breeding.

I know the blue eyes breed well, I used to breed them

I should have mentioned that all fry will be siphoned into other tanks. Its basically going to be a display/breeder with a few 2-4ft for fry.

Keep the advice coming

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Whether breeding or not the brassiliensis will eventually eat your entire stock list apart from the bn and corys. But if they do breed they'll probably also kill the corys and maybe the BN.

Lighting... If you are going with plants, I'd recommend T5 Hagen Life Glo or for low tech the UP Aqua Pro Z Series LED lights are good.

If the light is just to enhance/highlight the fish I like a combination of Hagen Power Glo and Aquazonic Miracle Lighting.

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I agree with the above about the Brasiliensis, they get big and nasty.

I also think the Archocentrus will bully the apistos, which will most likely lead to death.

I'd go Geophagus Steindachneri if you want a smaller earth eater than the Brasilies and plus I find them more placid.

And lastly if you could, I'd go a foot or 2 bigger for that many cichlids.

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Thanks ozmo. Brasilys are off the list, I thought they might of been ok as they are currently breeding at around 18cm and in a tank with 2cm electric yellow fry, some convicts and a few kilifish with no deaths, I have a few hidey holes in that tank but the yellows and killis are always out.

Plants will probably be just anubias and others that attach to wood.

Cheers mick

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Hi finn. Yeah I wasnt sure about the apistos. I have been breeding brassilys for a few years and only had one nasty fish so I thought they were fairly peaceful. The red hump sounds good.

By the time I setup the list will be shorter. If I can get sajica they will be the only archocentrus species in the tank with some tetra.

Cheers mick

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After the advice here and talking to others I have a revised draft stocklist

Sajica pair

Orange head geos

Keyhole pair

Bn and cories.

Tetras for surface. I am not sur on type to get and whats available.

Tertra draft (in order of preference)

Black morpho tetra

Croaking tetra

Red Phantom tetra

Blue neon tetra

Lemon tetra

Bloodfin tetra.

Would anyone know what types are available here.


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Dont shoot me but here is my opinion. I am fully aware its defies most geotypes but i reckon would look great

Geo Araguaia pair. Only settle for the best if you can find some

rainbow cichlid pair. As above

try the sajica but I would remove if any issues

A dozen sterbai cories

4 L397

1 'L144 SF'

1 dozen Praecox bows

Reverse trio bosemani bows

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