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3 month old fx6 for sale manual and receipt all pipes and fittings obviously comes with media but have put in additional marine pure bio balls,getting into reef so i have no use for it now $420 Ono in store pick up only will consider swapping for reef equipment






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2. Trading Guidelines

2.1. BE AWARE that all sales and purchases of livestock is at buyers risk and QLDAF recommends that all buyers research their prospected purchases before handing over any money or trade.

2.1.1. BE AWARE of the size of the fish being sold. QLDAF recommends thatfish sold are of a 'saleable size'. Saleable size generally means 4 cm_ (from tip of nose to end of tail) - except of course for smaller fish / dwarf species(<4 cm).

2.1.2. BE AWARE of the rules relating to noxious fish, grey listed fish and the allowable import list.

2.2. Please include all relevant details of the livestock / dry-goods in your initial post.

2.3. Sellers may not ‘bump’ their thread within 24 hours – ‘bumping’ includes simply posting an emoticon, posting‘pm sent’ etc with no major updates. We are a very busy / active forum and this is the fairest way for everyone to have an opportunity to trade.

2.4 The sale of bulk or commercial unopened or repackaged food/new dry goods is not permitted. Our forum has generous sponsors and such trading in a commercial business like manner os not fair on them.

2.5 Polluting or hijacking of Trading Section threads with inappropriate, irrelevant or negative posts will not be tolerated. This includes negative comments on a seller’s price etc. (If you feel the need to be helpful, then a tactful pm is the best course of action).

2.6 Members are encouraged to use the forum’s Report Function to alert moderators of blatant or serious breaches of our Trading Section guidelines. (Do not make negative posts that often lead to public arguments).

2.7 Buying and selling of livestock as a business/wholesaler. QLDAF is here to promote the hobbyist and prohibits the practice of buying and selling in order to make a profit. (QLDAF have generous sponsors and as such this kind of trade is put in place to protect them) Breeding and selling is OK

Please remember our rules. There is no need to comment in public on a price, if you must send a polite PM.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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