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Ross Boughen

best size/age to sell fish

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if your talking about african cichlids i prefer 4cm min, and most auctions have that in there rules, but i've bought and sold bulk under 4cm, but only sold because i was cleaning out 1 type of fry that i had sold the colony and no longer wanted to keep them,

for bristle nose, 3cm seems to be the accepted min size,

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Personally when I buy fry I want to be able to put them with other fry that I am growing out.


if I have 2cm fry, I would prefer to buy 2cm fish.

If my fry are 5cm, then thats the size I want.

It varies with species..... but I find matching size usually cuts down on casualties.

Small fish do not handle being starved a day, and then spending a day in a bag.

So yes they are unsuitable usually for auction sale for that and many other reasons.

But from a local breeder to your house?

no drama man!

The shorter the trip, and the better they travel it........ the stronger they are.

You also get more fish for less $ if you buy them smaller.

Yes you then need to factor in raising costs..... but sometimes more fish is all that matters!

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