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Most important thing with juvie pbass is food and maintain a constant temperature.

Juvie pbass will get whitespot very easily...especially in winter if the water is not kept at a stable 28-29 degrees. Because water is quite warm make sure you provide plenty of oxygen.

It also pays to add some rock salt. Particularly after introducing them to your tank. I also find this is the best treatment for whitespot.

Hopefully they will be on prepared foods. It can be a pain to get them off live foods but it can be done. There are a few methods out there and I have found one that works everytime.

If they are on live foods only, I would suggest you keep them on live until they pack on some size. Starving juvie pbass in order to get them on prepared foods can often result in death.

They will do better in groups..however you may find that over time a 'whipping boy' will be singled out...its probably best to get this guy out of the tank before they kill him.

They will grow like weeds...provided that you feed often and maintain good water quality. They do not like high pH.

I feed all juvie pbass bloodworms, pieces of whitebait, beef heart and prawn. They will take pellets but that is another challenge.

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